Grant applicants must be South Carolina classroom teachers who are current members of PSLA. 

Applications must be submitted electronically by December 1. 

The applicants have the option of proposing one of the following: a set of one title, several titles by one author, theme-based titles, or collections of literature from reputable reading lists, not to exceed $500.00 in value.

Only one grant application may be submitted by an individual.


An Instructional Plan should be submitted to include the title of the book or books chosen, strategies for using the book in the classroom, and an appropriate follow-up activity. The Explanation of Need should include information that describes any factors that affect achievement, such as student profiles, availability of materials, etc. 

Applicants are encouraged to read a variety of titles in order to make the best selection. 


Grants will be awarded in ranking order. 

Grant winners will receive notification of the status of their grant application in February and will receive a check in the amount of the grant from PSLA. Grant winners are responsible for the ordering/purchasing of the books. 


All receipts MUST be sent to the committee chair by May 1 of the current year


A one-page evaluation must be completed and submitted to the current committee chair by May 1 at the close of the implementation year. 


PSLA Literature Grant Information PreK through Elementary