PSLA Grants, Awards, and Scholarship Information

PSLA provides a number of Grants, Awards and Scholarship opportunities to association and family members on an annual basis. We recognize outstanding members - teachers, groups and individuals who aspire to the field of education and help promote literacy in South Carolina.

PSLA Grants

Family Literacy Grant

PSLA provides six (6) grants for schools in support of Family Literacy programs.

Each grant award is $500.

Literature Grant

Literature grants are awarded to individual teachers for the purchase of books to enhance classroom libraries and students' homes.

Each grant award is $500.

The applicants have the option of proposing one of the following:

  • a set of one title,
  • several titles by one author,
  • theme-based titles, or
  • a collection of literature from a reputable reading list.

Service Grant

Service Grants are awarded to financially support local reading councils in meeting their literacy goals.

Grants are awarded at $500 each.

Teachers As Readers Grant

The Teachers as Readers Grant gives educators the opportunity to participate in a book study using current professional books or student literature.

Grant awards are $500 or $700.

PSLA Scholarships

Florence B. Nelson Scholarship

Undergraduate Education Majors
  • Two $2,000.00 scholarships
  • Must be a PSLA member
  • Awarded to rising senior undergraduates majoring in education at a South Carolina college or university.

Mary A. Kelly Graduate Scholarship

Graduate Students
  • Two $2,000.00 scholarships
  • Must be a PSLA member
  • Awarded for graduate-level work towards a degree in education at a college or university

Sylvia P. Swinton Scholarship

High School Seniors Majoring in Education
  • Two $2,000.00 scholarships
  • Awarded to a high school senior who plans to pursue a degree in education from a South Carolina college or university
  • Son or daughter of a current member of PSLA

PSLA Awards

Distinguished Literacy Administrator Award

The PSLA Distinguished Literacy Administrator Award is given to outstanding school administrators who promote literacy in South Carolina. Each local council may nominate someone for this award.

Distinguished Teacher of Literacy Award

Each local council may nominate two individuals for the Distinguished Teacher of Literacy Award. One award from the elementary level and one from the middle or secondary level may be recognized.

Exemplary Reading Award

The Exemplary Reading Award is an award presented in recognition of outstanding best practices in literacy at all grade levels (elementary, middle or high school) within South Carolina’s school districts.

Literacy Partner Award

The Literacy Partner Award recognizes outstanding individuals or groups who are not educators but promote literacy in South Carolina. Each local council may submit a nomination.